Seminars and Workshops


What are TeleClasses?

Teleclasses are classes that take place via a telephone "bridgeline". That means you can join a teleclass from the comfort of your own home or office!

The sessions consist of some lecture, some questions, some discussion and students may participate as much --or as little -- as they wish, depending on their learning style.

You and other registrants call a regular phone number in the United States (rates of 3p a minute are available from the UK - see details below) at your class time and you are welcomed by the TeleClass Leader.

If this if your first time taking a TeleClass, you may wonder if and how it works. It just does. It's highly interactive and the 'flow' works well. You can listen and absorb and/or engage in the discussion. You can always ask questions of the TeleClass Leader.

Most TeleClass sessions last an hour. Some meet one time only, others meet weekly for 4-8 weeks, sometimes longer. The TeleClass begins promptly at 2 minutes after the listed start time.

You do not need a computer in order to be in the class. All you need is a regular phone!

Call costs:
From the USA/Canada: The cost to call one of
Coachville's bridges is a standard long distance charge. There are no conferencing fees, so you would just pay your long distance carrier whatever your rates are. Most carriers charge $3-6 an hour for long distance, so the cost is minimal.

From the UK: There are many companies offering low international call rates. My own choice is Planet Talk (0800 036 2195) who currently (June 2003) charge 3p a minute to the USA so an hour's TeleClass should cost no more than 1.80.