The Success Questions Change Your Decisions, Change Your Life by Sarah Steele, Britain's Leading Success Coach

How you make daily decisions and how you respond when confronted with choices makes the difference between leading an excellent life or a merely average one. The Success Questions introduces you to 10 questions you can ask yourself when making a decision or facing a crossroad to ensure you consistently move towards the success you are looking for.

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The Communicator by Sarah Steele

The Communicator is a quick and easy tool to allow you to identify your own particular communication preferences, helping you better understand how you and others are most likely to learn, recall and communicate.
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The Locator by Interchange International

People react, respond and adjust to change in a sequence of six predictable stages. The Change Cycle model identifies the thoughts, feelings and behaviours associated with each stage of change.

The Change Cycle Locator was designed and developed to be a quick, easy and low-cost tool that can pinpoint anyone's location in the Change Cycle as it relates to a specific change situation.

The Locator can be used over and over as a way to measure the pogress of individuals, teams or the entire organisation.

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Coachability Index

How coachable are you? How do you respond to someone coaching you either formally or informally? Do you welcome the opportunity to grow or do you feel threatened, anxious or even angry when someone tries to 'help' you?

The Change Cycle

Change is a driving issue in our society, yet most people struggle with how to resolve the impact of change in their lives. Based on brain research, The Change Cycle helps us understand the six stages of change and thoughts, feelings and therefore behaviours associated with each stage.

Show Me How!

Working with a coach on just one of these 25 key areas will help inspire you to focus and prioritise those segements of your life you want to move forward.

100 Ways To Save Time, Create Time and Have More Than Enough Time!

Committing to working on the 100 elements in this worksheet will accelerate you towards having plenty of time.

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How high is the quality of your life right now?

Find out how to improve the quality of your life with this free tool.

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Want to be a better manager?

The 100 key skills, behaviour and style of the highly effective manager.

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Want to be a better sales person?

Find out how with this checklist.

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How is your communication?

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Watch for the results you get from your communication as you adjust your style.

What's going on with your business?

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