The Entrepreneur's Reality Checklist

What's going on with you and your business?

Take this quiz to find out.

Instructions: Circle the statements that are true. If more than 5 statements are true, then working with a coach specializing in entrepreneurs may be the perfect solution.

1. I am uncertain about the sustainability of my revenue streams.

2. I have business debt that is more than 20% of my annual revenues.

3. Given the effort I'm putting in, my net income is nowhere near high enough.

4. If I wasn't here, the place would fall apart within a month.

5. I can't seem to attract - or keep - the right staff.

6. I'm doing tasks that I do not like or am not very good at.

7. I am working more than 10 hours a day.

8. I am working far too much in my business instead of on my business.

9. Sometimes I wonder if I'm both the arsonist and the fireman.

10. We're not as focused on our customers as we need to be.

11. There's more chaos in this company than the employees prefer.

12. I want to spend more time with my family or in other interests.

13. I don't feel free and that's where I want to be.

14. I want to improve the focus and direction of where the business is heading.

15. I have ideas for significant revenue streams that I just can't seem to make time for.

16. Profitability isn't where it could be.

17. I want to delegate more so I can have the time to discover new opportunities.

18. The joy of owning a business is being replaced by the stress of running a business.

19. It would be valuable to develop a 12 to 18-month growth plan.

20. We need to find a way to better motivate the staff.

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