Coaching for Results

accelerating achievements

Are you reaching your full potential?

Want to leave behind old habits and beliefs?

Know you are capable of more but feel held back?

Feeling unsettled or at a crossroads?

Want to change the way you respond to certain situations or people?

Wondering how much more you are capable of?

Coaching is a tried and tested methodology for enabling the creation of excellence in all aspects of life.

Business coaching within organisations will give senior executives the tools and freedom necessary to lead both themselves and their company to the next level.

Personal life coaching brings these same tools and freedoms to all aspects of everyday life, allowing individuals to have the life they dream of and aspire to.

If now is the time for change, contact us to find out more and discuss the best solution.

If you're not sure that coaching is for you then why not book your complimentary coaching session, available to everyone. You can address any issue - discovering values, defining clear goals or setting action plans, to name a few.

You can work on any issue you think will be beneficial - discovering your values, defining clear goals or setting action plans, to name just a few. You've everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Contact us to arrange your complimentary coaching session.

A time for change...

Many individuals know it is time for them to leave old beliefs and habits behind but are not sure how to do this or why they react to situations in a certain way.

Understanding these 'whys' and 'hows' of patterns of behaviour leads to deep and lasting change and the freedom to achieve outstanding results.

Before undertaking a course of coaching with Sarah I lacked a sense of fulfilment, achievement and direction. This was causing feelings of frustration and a lack of self-confidence. With the help of Sarah�s coaching I quickly discovered that communication with myself and others lay at the heart of it. Some three months later I understand myself better and have discovered direction, I am confident and excited about the next phase of my life. Sarah has become a trusted friend and mentor.

Finance Director

Business Coaching

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Money spent repeatedly 'training' managers in the same skills is a waste of resources. Such courses have little or no lasting effect because they work at a superficial level.

Coaching's proven methodology works at a more significant level and ensures the 'hows' and 'whys' of behaviours are explored, understood and addressed.

This then enables key executives and teams to accelerate their achievements and improve results by providing the framework and tools to:

Attain maximum clarity and flexibility in thinking

Learn to communicate effectively and to understand how others operate

Create change in behaviours and fine tune skills in a totally confidential
one-to-one environment

Unleash full potential to exceed objectives more efficiently

Implement changes immediately for instant results

Create LASTING change

Ensure individuals and teams are fully motivated to drive organisations forward

Provide clear leadership and direction for teams and organisations

Achieve measurable results within just three months

Promotion, the need for improved communication and organisational changes and development are often reasons companies seek coaching for senior staff or those they have identified as the stars of tomorrow.

Coaching Process

Atlantic Coaching's tried and tested six step process creates lasting change that becomes part of a series of new patterns of skills and behaviours.

Coaching can be delivered either over the telephone or face to face. Both are equally as effective, depending on the client's circumstances.

The most appropriate method, or a combination of both, will be discussed and agreed in the initial free consultation.

Telephone Coaching

Coaching by telephone provides greater flexibility. It is ideal for frequent travellers as it allows progress to continue uninterrupted.

Telephone coaching sessions last approximately 45 minutes and take place three or four times a month.

Face to Face Coaching

The face to face coaching format brings about change in a shorter space of time as each meeting lasts around three hours.

This format usually consists of a total of six sessions which are scheduled approximately two weeks apart.

For convenience, we can meet either at your office or we are happy to book an alternative location.

Breakthrough Sessions

Breakthrough sessions are designed to help those not in an ongoing coaching relationship deal with specific issues such as identifying values within the workplace or why certain situations always provoke a less than resourceful response.

These three or four hour sessions help you become 'unstuck' from your present position and allow you to see the way forward more clearly.